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tv   The Real Story With Gretchen Carlson  FOX News  April 10, 2014 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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others were laughing. the large rat scampers from side to side on a brooklyn-bound "a" train. >> one of the people on the streets is standing on the seat -- that was greg gutfeld standing on the seat screaming. >> thanks for watching, everyone. >> see you. we start with a fox news alert today. we have exclusive new information about the missing malaysia airlines flight 370. one expert tells us definitively now whether or not those pings are actually from that plane. and the next steps to recovering the black boxes, we will hear more from him just a few minutes from now. another fox news alert for you today. the face of the irs scandal could be one step closer to jail time now. the house oversight committee voting to hold lois lerner in contempt of congress for refusing to answer their questions. hi, everyone. welcome to "the real story." i'm gretchen carlson. the resolution now goes before the entire house. a government watchdog cracking
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down on offices in dallas. the office of special counsel filing a complaint accusing irs employees of playing politics for the president while they were on the government clock. here's what the report is saying. when fielding taxpayers' questions from an irs customer service help line, the employee urged taxpayers to reelect president obama in 2012 by repeatedly reciting a chant based on the spelling of his last name. given the seriousness of the allegations and the employee's hatch act knowledge, osc is seeking significant disciplinary action. steven joins us now. he broke the story. here's what happened in the dallas office. the customer service person was basically telling somebody who they should vote for before the election. >> there are three different instances that osc laid out. number one was the instance you're talking about. the second one was in a different office, a kentucky office where a woman -- irs
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employee actually had a customer come in and she complained to this customer about how bad republicans were and how she always votes democrat because the republicans want to keep the poor people down. the dallas office is a third instance. that's entirely separate pand in some ways may be even worse. the office of special counsel had a report that there were obama stickers and buttons plastered throughout the dallas office and people had obama on their screensavers there. it was so bad the osc had to issue a memo to the entire office warning them, you can't mix politics with your government time job. >> this one customer service person, here's what she said. she told the taxpayer she was for the democrats because republicans already trying to cap my pension and they're going to take women back 40 years. she continued to explain that her mom said, if you vote for a republican, the rich will get richer and the poorer will get poorer. do you think that's a violation of the hatch act? >> absolutely.
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and i'm trying to get details on -- that's one of the customer service representatives. that woman has agreed to serve a 14-day suspension. there's the dallas office, they got a reprimand. the third case which is the one you led off with at the top, this is somebody who's chanting an obama slogan, essentially, over the phone to somebody who'd called the customer service line. that case is still waiting. all these are absolutely violations of the hatch act. the real question is, what does that say about the irs overall? >> no doubt. >> we've had questions about lois lerner and the questions about whether there is political bias at the irs. and then these stories come out. there's no reason -- it's no wonder why republicans say the irs is out of control. >> and the other thing is, if this is just a smattering of situations that happened to all come to light at the same time, you have to wonder if there's a macrocosm to the microcosm. >> yeah. the dallas situation extends back a year or so at least.
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we don't know the timing on the other two cases. it's probably a good bit of timing there. but overall, since i did the report yesterday, i've had a number of e-mails and calls from people who said, this is endemic. it's not just the dallas office. we see pro-obama conversations, which isn't illegal as long as you do it with friends. but if you do it with a customer, that's a problem. but pro-obama conversations, pro-obama sentiments and stickers and paraphernalia in a lot of these irs offices. for what it's worth, i haven't heard that about the state of george w. bush when he was in office. that's what raises questions about this. >> stephen, come back as you learn more about this. >> will do. today, health and humans services skreshgt caecretary ka sebelius answering questions about the president's budget proposal for 2015. but obamacare quickly became a hot topic with secretary sebelius announcing 400,000 new
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sign-ups and facing questions about changes made to the law without congressional approval. peter doocy has the latest for us from washington. what was the headline, other than that, from the hearing today? >> reporter: gretchen, the big news is in the week and a half since open enrollment ended, 400,000 more americans signed up for private plans on the marketplace. those 400,000 are benefiting from the april 15th deadline for people who had problems with and they bring the grand total of new sign-ups to 7.5 million people. but it's too soon to say how big a difference those 7.5 million are going to make in reducing the number of uninsured americans because the health and human services secretary says she doesn't know how many of those enrollees had coverage before. >> there were a lot of plans adjusted to work with the law and there were people transitioned into new plans and given options of new plans.
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i do not have data to give you right now in terms of who exactly was previously uninsured. >> reporter: secretary sebelius says we're going to get those numbers after insurance companies submit their stats to h.h.s. >> peter, what are republicans saying about all of this? >> reporter: we heard from the speaker of the house this morning. he reiterated that republicans still want to repeal the affordable care act and replace it with something else. >> we have at least a broad outline of the kind of things that we believe would help create more affordable health insurance for more americans. the majority leader's been working with the chairman, the whip and the conference chair have been working with our members, trying to build a consensus over what an alternative would look like. >> reporter: the ryan budget that passed the house earlier today would repeal obamacare.
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however, it still needs senate and presidential approval to become the law of the land. >> that's probably not going to happen. peter doocy, thank you. fox news alert again for you now, president obama faces growing pressure from democrats to approve the keystone excel pipeline. 11 senate dems calling on the president to make a final decision by the end of may writing this -- this process has been exhaustive in its time, breadth and scope. it's already taken much longer than anybody can reasonably justify. this is an international project that will provide canada a direct route to our refineries. guy benson is a fox news contributor and bernard whitman is a democratic strategist. great to see both of you. bernard, i'm putting you in the hot seat. you've got these democrats now. they say they want an answer from the president before the end of may. >> this democrat does, too. i've been on record saying we
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should approve the keystone pipeline. i think it's important to measure economic development against environmental impacts. but that's been done. we've had five studies over five years, each concluded the pipeline could be built with minimal environmental impact. it's time to get this resolved to get approved. i like most democrats favor the pipeline. and the only set of democrats where the majority oppose the pipeline are rich democrats with advanced college degrees. and i don't think there's anything wrong with being a rich democrat with advanced college degree. but we need to get where the people are. >> that's according to a poll. i want to show you another poll number. currently 61% favor building the pipeline while 27% are opposed. this is just americans in general. these views have changed little over the past year. guy, why is it, then, if bernard's right, that most democrats agree with the keystone pipeline -- why did secretary of state clinton not
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agree with it and why does president obama not agree with it, as of yet? >> politics and ideology. that's your basic answer. i think it's a fascinating political answer here. this is a dilemma for the white house because on one side, they have public opinion, which is overwhelming. you just showed the poll. and you also have these vulnerable democrats from purple and red states begging the president for a win. they want to be able to come home to their constituent and say, look, i disagreed with the president, i stood up to the white house and got this done for the american people. giving them something like that to wave around in a tough election year would be very helpful to them politically. but on the other side of the ledger, gretchen, you have billionaire donors to the democratic party who are big environmentalists who don't want to see this bill and part of the real core base of the democratic party, they really vociferously oppose the keystone pipeline -- >> another big part of the democratic party unions for the
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most part are in favor of building it. you could see that that would balance it out. bernard, here's my question. is the president going to suddenly approve this right before the midterm elections? >> i would hope he would approve it in the next few weeks -- >> is he going to do it to bolster the democrats and say, i finally came to this exhaustive decision and it's going to look as if it's completely political. >> everything in a political year is viewed through a political lens. i would hope the president would approve it in short order because it's the right thing for the american people -- >> why hasn't he done it thus far? >> because he wanted to make sure there would be little environmental impact. and we've seen that to be true in five studies over five years. he should have come out right after the review that i mean out in january. he's waited too long. it needs to get done and get done now. >> good point. the studies have been in for some time. have to wrap it up there, guys. we have exclusive new information about the missing malaysia airlines flight 370.
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one expert tells us definitively whether or not those pings are from that plane. and the next steps to recovering those black boxes. those breaking developments are coming up next. and a showdown between armed federal agents and a nevada rancher. what's the beef here? and a house committee voting to hold lois lerner in contempt for refusing to answer questions about the irs scandal. congressman jason chaffetz joins us live to tell us exclusively what went down. >> the frustration is that the american people have not been told the truth about what happened at the irs. it's back, but not for long,
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airlines, malaysia airlines' black boxes from a different flight failed to record during an emergency landing, this was in 2012. as crews chased signals from what could be the plane's black box in the southern indian ocean, a new ping helping narrow the search zone to the smallest size yet. australia preparing to drop a robotic sub into the ocean. britain ramping up the search efforts sending a royal navy ship to the area with a nuclear sub not far behind. captain chuck nash is a retired navy captain and fox news military analyst. a lot of information going on there. chuck, what do you make of the fact that there's this report now out of london today that another malaysia airlines' black box information -- that somehow it was recorded over and so there's a huge mistake in a 2012 incident? >> yeah, gretchen, that sounds to me like procedural error. the cockpit voice recorder is what's termed an event recorder, meaning it's to capture --
11:16 am
that's why it only runs for two hours. it captures an event which caused a problem and either the aircraft landed safely or it crashed and it helps investigators figure out what caused the event. now, the normal procedure is if something goes wrong, you follow your checklist and you land the aircraft and then as soon as everything is done, you pull the circuit breaker to shut off that recording so it doesn't record over the event data. and evidently what happened was the air crew in the malaysia 747 incident in the summer of 2012 did not pull the circuit breaker and it just sat there with power on the aircraft recording useless noise in the cockpit right over top of what was really important. >> right. this is a black box where it's a two-hour sort of loop, right? >> exactly. >> let's move on to this next ping, this fifth ping that we've heard today now, back to the indian ocean situation. what do you make of the fact
11:17 am
that we're down to five now, although the sounds are getting weaker and weaker? >> they're getting weaker and weaker. but that is exactly what you would expect from the battery in its last days as it gets weaker and weaker. the signal, the output of the transmitter gets weaker and weaker. so it's behaving exactly like you would expect the pinger to do. the fact that you have five of them after a while, it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it's a duck. >> what do you make about this report that the plane now -- this difference in altitude, 35,000 feet to possibly 4,000 feet. you know how to fly. what do you make of it? >> i can't figure out a scenario where an aircraft would do that all by itself. even with sfophisticated autopilot and all -- no. there was human intervention in this. someone was commanding the plane to do what it did. once we got past the catastrophic scenario and what got us past the catastrophic
11:18 am
scenario was, had it been that, the airplane wouldn't have flown for another 6 1/2 hours. somebody in the cockpit was commanding the autopilot. >> chuck nash, thank you. a fox news alert now because now we have the exclusive information about the missing malaysia jetliner. trace gallagher has the details for us. what have you learned, trace? >> reporter: this is not coming from the malaysian government or another questionable source. this is coming from bluewater recovery, the world record-holder as far as deep engine searches go. they told us moments ago the pings picked up here are, quote, unmistakenably, the black boxes from flight 370. listen very closely and you'll hear what the pings sound like. play this. almost like a clicking, right?
11:19 am
bluewater recovery says the only reason the families of the passengers have not yet been told this is it is because they've been on such an emotional roller coaster that authorities want to wait to get concrete physical evidence. but he tells us they found it. listen. >> these four detections, what do they represent? to me, and i have absolutely no doubt about this and this is an opinion shared by the people on the vessel, that it means they have located where this plane has crashed. >> reporter: he says now the next step is to narrow the search to 50 square miles, then send down the bluefin 21, it's a small submersible that uses high-resolution cameras to map the ocean floor. then they will send an unmanned sub to recover the black boxes. and once they analyze the flight data recorder and the cockpit voice recorder, that's when they'll decide what else they need to recover from the ocean shore. we should also point out, they can also recover with those
11:20 am
unmanned subs bodies. keep in mind, back when the air france 447 crashed in 2009, they ultimately recovered 154 of the 228 bodies on board that aircraft. but we are being told, gretchen, that those pings are unmistakably from flight 370. >> wow. exclusive information coming from trace gallagher, thank you so much. coming up on this show, armed feds in a showdown with a rancher in nevada. rounding up his cattle in a range war over grazing rights on public land. and a convict behind bars for life seeks revenge against his prosecutor. ordering five men to kidnap her dad. that's the man you're looking at right now. brand-new details of his harrowing ordeal and rescue. and a message in a bottle tossed into the sea in germany over 100 years ago, now being presented to the sender's granddaughter who wept when she was able to see her grandfather's message. that brings us to our facebook question of the day. what would your message in a bottle be?
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what would you write? tweet me @gretchencarlson. we'll read your comments at the end of the show.
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welcome back to "the real story." an elite fbi team coming to the rescue of a man who was kidnapped in a revenge plot against his own daughter. the north carolina man was found alive in atlanta. the fbi says the kidnappers made demands related to a prisoner prosecuted by his daughter. >> spent five nights in the hands of a group of very dangerous people. we can only imagine the uncertainty, confusion and fear he experienced. >> five men now facing charges
11:25 am
in the kidnap plot. the prisoner at the center of the scheme, serving a life sentence. a cattle battle. this is happening in nevada. armed agentings for the federal bureau of land management confronting a rancher over free range land. we're live on the west coast. william, what's the beef really about in this story? >> reporter: gretchen, it boils down to ranchers versus federal land managers. cattle versus the desert tortoise, all competing for about 600,000 acres just north of las vegas. a dispute that led to this -- a tense standoff yesterday with federal agents using dogs and tasers to hold back a dozen ranchers on a road leading to 68-year-old clive. his family began raising cattle here in the 1880s. the feds using helicopters, hundreds of armed agents and hired hands to enforce a court order to seize 900 of bundy's cattle. the ranchers temporarily forced
11:26 am
the feds to back off. but they are back today. moving cattle to protect the endangered desert tortoise on land bundy claims is open range. >> my stand is, i have no contract with the united states government and you don't want own this land. this is part of the sovereign state of nevada. >> reporter: now, the governor and senator, dean heller, accused the feds of overreach and overzealous tactics. but the administration, gretchen, refuses to back off. >> seems like some bit of a standoff, so to speak. where do they go from here? >> reporter: well, this fight has lasted 20 years. bundy lost in court and yet he refuses to move his cattle, which is why the blm is there now to collect $1 million in grazing fees that alleges bundy owes. the rancher claims his grazing rights pretempt 1934 laws that allowed the feds to seize control of land that's now a
11:27 am
recreation recreational area. gretchen, this confrontation is nearly identical to the one profiled in a fox special "enemies of the state" looking at the 1970 sage brush rebellion. and that rancher who always fought for control of his land and he lost just like this gentleman has as well. back to you. >> william, thank you. bombshell developments in the irs targeting scandal. what lawmakers on the house oversight committee just did to hold lois lerner responsible for her role in the scandal. jason chaffetz serves on that panel. he joins us live next. and the senate looking into the safety of our power grid. america could be left in the dark by a major terror attack. don't miss this special report. okay, listen up! i'm re-workin' the menu.
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time for a check of the headlines now. tensions mount in eastern ukraine as armed pro-russian separatists occupying government buildings in kiev calling on thoer others to join their fight. serious questions about tamiflu. a new study says there's not enough evidence to support claims the drug reduces serious illness. and princess cruises says at least 66 passengers and 17 crew
11:32 am
members have come down with a stomach bug that may have been caused by the norovirus. a fox news alert now, back to the irs scandal. with more trouble for the woman at the center of it. lois lerner being voted to be held in con cement of congress. she refused to answer questions about the tea party targeting scandal. my next guest is republican jason chaffetz, he's a member of that committee and familiar with this story. great to see you, congressman. >> thanks, gretchen. >> what's the next step? >> now that we've held her in contempt, 21-12, it goes to the full house. it's a matter of time till speaker boehner brings it up. >> say it passes in the house, which it probably would. then it goes to the department of justice? >> that's the idea. hopefully they will enforce this. i think it's crystal clear that
11:33 am
she waived her fifth amendment rights. she was in contempt. she had a duly issued subpoena. they should pursue that. but the courts are probably going to be the remedy. >> so according to what you were discussing today when you came to this final decision, this is one of the quotes, the most troubling new evidence or documents showing that ms. lerner corresponded with liberal finance groups. what did you get from that? what did she do allegedly? >> pretty clear that she was hoping to get a job. keep in mind, she's at the irs. she's in charge of reviewing all these cases and yet we find some e-mail traffic that shows that she was actually actively hoping that she would actually be employed by these very people. so there's so much material here, gretchen, that the propensity of the evidence, the preponderance, there's so much
11:34 am
evidence out there that it just demands answers. she's the one that first apologized for the fact that supposedly they had done something wrong. so as we pursued that, we have found that they did something wrong. she has a duly issued subpoena. she has to come testify and she didn't. >> it seems as if the stories are changing with several central figures. not only lois lerner but the president himself, quite honestly -- he originally seems to be very upset about this story. and then went on a couple of months ago saying there wasn't a smidgen of corruption. but here's my question, congressman -- what's the likelihood that eric holder is going to actually do something about this because congress held him in contempt. that remains open. i just don't see it happening there. >> we can't give up. this is our process. and i think the american people have to demand that their executive branch enforce the laws. when you have a duly issued subpoena, it's not optional. you have to come to congress. and when you waive your fifth amendment rights, we have the ability and the right to
11:35 am
cross-examine any statement that she made. she's an attorney. and she should know better. she personally is an attorney. she was there under advice of counsel. had a written statement. when she makes that statement, we have the right to question her on that statement. she could have just said, i'm going to exercise my fifth amendment right and not speak today. but that's not what she said. >> what do you make of the fact that there's another report today that there was some sort of an e-mail connection to congressman cummings' stat that the "true the vote" has raised concerns that the irs improperly shared projected taxpayer information with congressman cummings' staff? >> well, look, the minority has the right to investigate as well. but as chairman issa very smartly laid out in great deal, sent a letter over to the minority saying, are you doing, are you actually overstepping your bounds and asking for information and intimidating a witness that came and was
11:36 am
testifying before congress? again, we're dealing with some very personal information. and if you're trying to seek that and extract that from somebody, perhaps maybe you've stepped over the line. and that's the real question. i think darrell issa is absolutely right to do it, though. >> congressman chaffetz, thanks so much for your insights. we'll see if john boehner takes it up. fox news alert because you're watching right now a press conference going on. this is from the florida highway patrol on that deadly hit-and-run that happened at the day care center yesterday where one child was killed and the assailant is still on the loose. let's listen in. >> alex kortado, i have the executive director of crimeline here today who have graciously done a few things for us today, including a reward of up to
11:37 am
$5,000 to locate him. right now, all law enforcement agencies and partners assisting us are doing active investigations. we have bureau of criminal investigations of intelligence, major joe lopez here today. from our agency down here from tallahassee that is assisting, analyzing all the information and looking for this gentleman. we will find him. if he's out there and you're watching this, please turn yourself in because you'd rather turn yourself in. i will introduce now the executive director from crimeline to tell you some of the actions they're taking to assist us. >> good afternoon. first, we want to thank our media partners. without all of you getting the word out that we're looking for this individual, we wouldn't be taking the tips we're taking. so continue keeping that face out there. also need to thank a couple of other partners. max media have donated digital billboards. you'll see those up within the next couple of hours. so we'll have his picture up and down the interstates as we move forward. there's a reward of up to $5,000. we are currently taking tips. we have approximately 20 tips at
11:38 am
this time of possible sightings, people knowing him. as you cover this story, urge the citizens, if they want to be anonymous, they can come through crimeline. they could potentially be eligible for a reward of up to $5,000. we'll pass the information on directly to the law enforcement agencies, 24 hours a day. any questions for crimeline? the phone number is 1-800-423-tips. you can go to and give a tip there. >> [ inaudible question ]. >> in this case, we have a very specific vehicle that potentially he's driving. we're looking for information on that. and then you're looking for a person. most people are looking for that person in that type of vehicle. f.h.c. put out a tag number and a vehicle. if you see that, we want to know about that. it's not just him, it's the vehicle, too. we need to recover that rented
11:39 am
vehicle we believe he's in. and people are probably just being careful. if you have any ideas, if you're a friend and you know anything about where we can look for him, he may have left the area. we don't know. if he left the area, we're looking for locations where potentially we could send investigators to look. >> [ inaudible question ]. >> you've been listening to the florida highway patrol press conference here on that deadly hit-and-run at a day care center yesterday in south florida that killed a young child there. they're offering a $5,000 reward for any information leading to him. apparently they said that he is specifically in a car that was rented and they have given out that license plate number. and they have offered up the 1-800-423-tips for anybody with any information about this man to turn him in and to give information to police. developing now right here on fox, a 16-year-old charged with assault and attempted murder in a stabbing rampage at a
11:40 am
pennsylvania high school yesterday. ten victims are still in the hospital. three are still in critical condition. a student describes the chaos. >> nothing touched me but something was just telling me to go run for my life, run now. and i ran. and i was just running like h l hell. >> his attorney says there was absolutely no indication from the family or friends that this was about the happen. it's unexplainable, but i'll figure it out. national correspondent keith santoni is live for us with the latest. >> reporter: this is a community clearly in shock. they're trying to deal with the tragedy in very different ways. take a look at some video we shot just a little while ago. a small group of students walked up to the front door of franklin regional high school and taped a
11:41 am
sign right on the wall there. it says, we love our school. pray for f.r. this is franklin regional high school. we are f.r., we are strong. the investigation continues into the suspect. he is now in custody. he's a 16-year-old sophomore here at the school. and he's facing four counts of attempted murder or attempted homicide, 21 counts of aggravated assault and one weapons charge. another way they're dealing with this is people are telling their stories. there was a news conference at the hospital earlier today, one of the students who was stabbed was there with his mother. he described the horrible scene there and how the assistant principal came in and rescued everybody by apprehending the suspect. here's a little bit of what 17-year-old brett hurt had to say. >> i'm not sure i could go to school at this point in time. i think if i walked in there, i
11:42 am
might just freeze. i wouldn't be able to move. i mean, i just need time to just cope. i think all of us who got injured in the accident need time to cope. we're all lucky to still be alive. >> reporter: now, there's a lot of speculation about what would cause this young man to go on this stabbing rampage. there was talk that he was bullied as a sophomore student here at the high school. that hasn't been verified. but brett hurt's mother says that's a possibility. and if so, we need to deal with it. here's what she said. >> i think there's more bullying than what anybody wants to say. and i honestly feel that some students -- they have a tendency of some shyness, more than other students do. apparently he didn't have enough support that some of the other students in the school have. >> reporter: and so alex hribal in jail with no bail right now.
11:43 am
he's 16 years old. but he's being prosecuted as an adult, facing those very serious charges as the investigation continues into why he carried out this attack. they're examining his computer, talking to his friends and family, trying to get any evidence they can. gretchen, back to you. >> steve, it's heartbreaking just to hear those victims talk about how they might freeze if they ever go back to school. horrible. thank you so much. we all are familiar with the dollar store. changed its prices now for the better? could their prices get any lower? we'll tell you all about that. plus, terrifying moments inside a philly hotel. a shootout all captured on camera. how it all went down and how it all ended. from his bank of america savings account to his merrill edge retirement account. before he opened his first hot chocolate stand calling winter an "underserved season". and before he quit his friend's leaf-raking business for "not offering a 401k." larry knew the importance of preparing for retirement. that's why when the time came
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welcome back, everyone. just how susceptible is our power grid to a terrorist attack? loaded question. and a lot of concern following revelations of an attack at a california substation that happened last year. now a senate committee is investigating all this. fox business network's rich
11:47 am
edson following this story. >> this is a major substation in northern california called metcalf. it's still following up on leads. they don't believe at this point that terrorism was involved a year ago during that attack. the power company, pg&e, is offering $250,000 for niz information that folks have to who may have been responsible for that attack. meanwhile here in the u.s. senate, there were questions about that attack today and also about a report from a government report in "the wall street journal" from about a month ago that said that basically if you knocked out seven essential power substations in the u.s., you could bring the u.s. grid down from coast to coast, possibly for months. lawmakers are looking at first, is the grid safer than it was a year ago? is it getting safer? officials say they are working on that. but what exactly was that sensitive government report doing on the cover of "the wall street journal." and officials for the regulatory agency say they're working at
11:48 am
safeguarding information in the future so that doesn't happen again, gretchen. >> rich reporting live from washington, thank you. now to that dollar store story. prices at family dollar stores about to drop even lower. how can that be? it's closing runs of locations and slashing prices on thousands of items. executives hope it will help them boost their bottom line. gene marks is a small business owner and cpa and about to become an expert on the dollar store. when you hear they're going to cut their prices. isn't everything a buck or -- >> like a dollar. how much further can you go? >> 99 cents. are they cutting it more than that? >> i agree. when you talk about them having financial troubles, just this last quarter, their revenues were about $3 billion. their earnings were down 35%. they're making some
11:49 am
their biggest issue with dollar stores is a reflection of the overall economy. they were planning last year -- they had about 8,000 stores last year, they were planning on tripling that to almost 23,000, 24,000 stores in the years to come. now a year later, they're saying, maybe we're not going to do that. >> one of the reasons they had that kind of a business plan was because during the start of the recession five, six years ago, their stock went gangbusters. >> that's right. what's interesting, if they still have that recessionary mindset. with any manager looking ahead, did they not see that this trend was going to happen to them? to change that so quickly was kind of a big deal. having said that, their stock in general when people talk about a dollar store bubble going on, yes, they had overexpansion plans. but their stock has not fallen that much since the beginning -- over a year ago. >> what does this say, this kind of a decision, about our overall economy? could it be that it's not great news for these family dollar stores but it's good news
11:50 am
about -- >> it means you and i are shopping less at dollar stores. we can spend a few extra dollars somewhere else and don't find the need to go to dollar stores to save the extra money. it's a good sign -- biggest boon happened in 2008 when things weren't so hard, when they were talking about reducing prices, good advertisement. >> a wild shootout happened indiana motelful gunfire ringing out. guests running for cover. these guys on the loose so we'll have the latest.
11:51 am
11:52 am
11:53 am
bullets flying at an east
11:54 am
philly motel. the whole thing caught on tape. the suspected shooting running done the hallway. you can see guests diving into open doorways. trace has more. >> the rest of this video is unbelievable. looks like something another of the 1930s chicago gang wars. at one point you can see guys walking through the halls of the hotel. one of the suspects is on carrying coffee. that a guest. you can see her get down, and then they run. you see the acrobatic dive? and then they are firing bullets down the hall and around the corner. they run become after one guy and the guests scrapple away. the police have noal who these -- know idea who these people are. they say nobody got injured but it could have been horrific.
11:55 am
listen. >> it's something that is crazy, an occupied hotel. anybody could have been in there with their family. children walking through the hotel. anything. >> to the hotel employee says he heard gunshots, bam, bam, bam. didn't see any of the gunfire but saw the guys run by the front desk and out the door and that the last they've seen them. if you recognize these shooters, call the cops in philly. very unclear if the suspects were actually staying at the hotel or there to maybe pay member else a visit. >> nat would be my question. probably be able to figure that out quickly. a cause close to our hearts here at the real story. giving back to the men and women who serve our country and make us so proud. the star-studded armed forces foundation awarded country music star justin moore for his work with the troops. >> for me permanently, i have one grandpa in the navy and
11:56 am
another in the irforce, and they instilled in me the importance of our service men and women and the sacrifices they make daily and at it something i've never forgotten. it starts with little things. tiny changes in the brain.
11:57 am
little things, anyone can do. it steals your memories. your independence. insures support. a breakthrough. and sooner than you'd like... ...sooner than you think. die from alzheimer's disease. ...we cure alzheimer's disease.
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every little click, call, or donation adds up to something big. alzheimer's association. the brains behind saving yours. ♪ with equity experts...
11:59 am
who work with regional experts... that's when expertise happens. mfs. because there is no expertise without collaboration. the armed forces foundation is an amazing organization. tirelessly giving back to the men and women who serve our country. my friend brian emceed their gala last night and talk to justin moore who works with the troops. >> been a great six years, a lot of people i have to thank for it. i thought for all of the people, including my family, who sacrificed for me to get to do this and all the people who work for me and with me, i thought, man, it's about time for all of us. so i can't thank the academy and fans enough. we toll you earlier a message in a bottle delivered more than 100 years after sawn tossed it into the sea off of germany. we asked, what would your
12:00 pm
message in a bottle be? george says, if my phone is still in existence, con tan me. steen -- steven, i would write a knock-knock joke and put the punchline in another battle. now here's shep. >> good afternoon. the practicing from central florida where cops just raised the stakes in their hundred for map they say caused a deadly crash interest daycare center in orlando. there's 5,000 didn't reward for the arrest. a four-year-old girl died and more than a dozen others were hut. cops say the driver sped a. from that scene, that he left behind screaming children and their helpless caretakers who frantically tried to save lives with cpr. we just got the guy's rap sheet. his name


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